Cruyff Football Platform

Cruyff Football platform


If you are interested in getting to know the main secrets that the positioning game is based on, we are going to share with you the criteria which we abide to in each of the phases of our model so that you can increase the chances of success in your club, your team, or so you can grow as a coach.

Knowledge gives us value, standards, and helps us make better decisions. Our concern is sharing our knowledge, the fruits of our experience coaching at all levels, from the lowest levels of youth football to the highest levels of professional football.

 Our objective is to be able to help you prepare your training sessions and matches more effectively, but above all, the thing that most interests us is helping you think and come to your own conclusions.

Possession Football is a company led by Albert Capellas, where his passion for the game has brought him to create this ambitious project together with Cruyff Football to be able to contribute our knowledge and experience inspired by the Johan Cruyff philosophy.

Cruyff Football platform is based in:




We offer the best knowledge in a very visual style which is understandable for all levels.



You will find a lot of information that will help you to create or perfect your own training and playing model.



Quality information, saving you a lot of time in internet searches.



We offer a platform that is always available, 24/7/365



Structuring of the ideas with relation to the game and training.



We prioritize quality over quantity and avoid information overload.



Modern and updated content.

Interactive drill example

Try a real example drill you can find inside Cruyff Football Platform.

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